One of the most important safety features of your car are your brakes. Our certified mechanics can service your brakes no matter what kind of car you have. To help determine when your car may need our expert brake services, here are some problem to watch for:

Grinding or Squealing Noises

That loud, often high-pitched noise coming from your brakes is actually coming from a wear indicator. When your brake pads wear too thin, these indicators come into contact with the brake rotor. This lets you know it’s time for new brake pads.

Pulling to One Side

This can be from a frozen brake caliper, maladjusted brakes or oil and grease leakage.

Pulsation of the Pedal

Heat and water can wear down the brake rotor, which causes a slight pulsation of the pedal when pushed. This usually means they are in need of replacement.

Drag During Acceleration

This could be a result of a frozen emergency brake cable. You can help prevent this by utilizing your emergency brake regularly.

We can give you peace of mind knowing your brakes are in good working condition after our expert care. Service your brakes today!

In our auto repair shop, our team specializes in providing the best auto service, not just brakes. From water pump replacement, head gasket replacement, oil and filter change, front strut replacement to ABS wheel speed, alternator replacement and so much more! Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.